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Spread the cost with our flexible payment option

When you choose to go overseas for your work experience, it’s no secret that it will cost more than if you were to find work experience at home. But, what we also know is that you truly will have the time of your life and it’ll be worth every single penny!

To ensure our Global Health Projects are accessible to everyone we’ve introduced a flexible payment model. Read on to find out what that means for you.

Secure your project for £300

Once you’ve paid your £300 registration fee we’ll confirm your place on the project within 24 hours. You’ll then be given instant access to MyTrip, your online project planner. The planner has everything you need such as a step-by-step timeline, details of your itinerary, and access to our Information Pack.

At this point, there is no more to pay. Your place on the project has been secured and your final balance is not due until 90 days before you depart.

So how do our flexible payments work?

Now we’ve guaranteed your place on our Global Health Project, it’s up to you how much you pay and when. And you can do this in one of two ways…

One lump sum

You may decide to make one payment that covers the full balance on or near the due date of your trip (90 days before you depart).

Pay in instalments

Or you may choose to ‘pay as you go’. This can be done in as many instalments as you wish, as long as the full balance is paid 90 days before you depart.

Through your MyTrip planner, you’ll have direct access to an online payment system. From here you’ll have an itemised log of all your payments to date and you’ll be able to make a payment no matter how large or small at any point.

Our flexible payment option enables you to spread the cost of your Global Health Project and is ideal for those who like to budget.

If you would like more information on how our flexible payment option works, fill out the short enquiry form to speak to our expert team.

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